Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Partner Endurance METCON

In Teams of Two

4 Rounds:
400m Run + 25/20 Cal Bike
300m Run + 20/15 Cal Bike
200m Run + 15/10 Cal Bike
100m Run + 10/5 Cal Bike

3 minute rest between each round

One partner starts on the runner while the other partner is on the bike working simultaneously. You can not move on to the next part until both athletes have finished and you swap machines after each set.

Flow looks as follows:
Partner A runs 400m while Partner B bikes 25 cals, only moving on until both sets have been completed
Partner B runs 300m while Partner A bikes 20 cals
Partner A runs 200m while Partner B bikes 15 cals
Partner B runs 100m while Partner A bikes 10 cals
3 minute rest

Partners should switch who runs/bikes first after every round.

Susie Prieto